Lunatic Internet Puppy Trade

In my opinion, people being ripped off by “puppy sellers” in Cameroon are just as guilty as the scammers in Cameroon. First, none of the buyers are innocent – They are all attempting the purchase of a dog worth $1000 up for next to nothing (usually under $200). If these Pet Adopters were really concerned as many of them say they are with the welfare of the puppy, they would go to their local shelter and adopt a dog  for around $100.

Its absurd, that someone would believe a dog could be shipped via an airline from Africa to the USA for only $200. Its not inexpensive to send freight especially live freight via airline cargo. Additionally, importation of live animals from Africa and Asia can take weeks in most cases to clear – quaranteen is required into many areas ESPECIALLY areas of the world countries where agriculture is an important source of income. Thus Pets imported from areas that contain many agricultural pests into the USA or Australia could require expensive quaranteen that must be arranged BEFORE HAND (it could take weeks to arrange a space in quaranteen for an animal) directly with the Government Department handling importation of animals. It is an extremely expensive proposition – thus there is NO WAY that anyone would ever import pets from Africa into any Western country.
Its absurb to believe that someone would bring their dog to Cameroon only to turn around and ship it back to the States. Its time consuming arranging such a transit – its definitely not a matter of dropping a caged animal at the airlines, paying the freight and kissing Fido goodbye. 
Most smaller breeds can ride accompanied with a passenger in a crate, however, when shipped they are in a special container area. Frankly, I would not put a dog through such stress…wait there are no dogs being shipped…its all a scam by the guillible for the guillible. Educate yourselves people…
Google to find out who you are dealing with – Google this: Importation of Cats & Dogs into the US –

Information on Importing Birds into the US:

BTW, if anyone from Cameroon or Nigeria offers to sell you cheap exotic birds - birds from dozens including Pet Scam countries are banned from entry into the USA until further notice! 

Well, then you can also have fun laughing at how ludicrous this whole scam actually is. Take care – Be Smart – Don’t get scammed by the Cameroon Loons

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